Supreme Sheep Supplement – Complete Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Sheep

Get a Winning Edge With Supreme Sheep Supplement, the Most Complete Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Your Flock

Having had considerable success with horses, cattle and even dogs, Supreme Supplements has prepared a formula for sheep. The primary difference being that it has less copper than the equine supplement and has been balanced for use in flocks of all kinds.  It is prepared with all natural ingredients (click here for ingredients list) and qualifies for “grass fed” and “all natural” lamb designations. Initial testing has yielded the following observations:

  • Stronger, more vigorous lambs at birth
  • Fewer lambing problems
  • Rapid recovery/improvement in thin or poor doing ewes
  • Improved digestion and feed utilization
  • Significant reduction in use of de-worming medicine

There is nothing specifically added to the supplement that is designed to be a de-wormer. But, our research has yielded the following explanation. The micro mineral base that is used in formulation of the supplement comes from a mine in Nevada. This micro mineral base is made up primarily of pre-historic freshwater deposits of the exoskeletons of single celled marine creatures known as diatoms. Hence the base is very similar to diatomaceous earth, just not as pure with a broader spectrum of essential trace minerals.


Recent Research Reveals a Secret: Bio Available Silica

The micro mineral base is loaded with it.

It is also noted that although there is a large amount of anecdotal (testimonial) evidence that diatomaceous earth has been successful in preventing or controlling worms in horses, sheep, goats, dogs and other species, scientific studies have not yet established this relationship.

Get Results

Given the encouraging initial results we would like to invite producers to try the supplement and report their findings. This will help us gather additional information that will be useful in preparing some more formal studies.

In order to minimize the costs of packaging, labeling and shipping, the supplement is currently only available in USPS 30 lb. boxes. The package contain a one ounce scoop. One ounce is sufficient for 5 head for one day. A 30 lb box would therefore contain enough supplement for 20 head to last 120 days.

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  • Stronger, more vigorous lambs
  • Fewer lambing problems
  • Reduced use of de-worming medicines

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Rest assured that after trying the supplement for 90 days, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you may request a refund.

Kent R Gwilliam

Burley, ID


New Trial Size

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Now available in a 3lb trial size for only $35

Using just 1/5th of an ounce per day, the trial size will provide all the vitamins and minerals, digestive aids, and de-worming benefits for one lamb for up to 200 days.

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